DCCLOSER 2016 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 3

Prospects of Cloud and Mobile Computing Adoption for Dissemination of Agricultural Information in Developing Countries


Edore Akpokodje and Chris Price

Abstract: Timely access to agricultural information by farmers is critical to agricultural productivity. ICT has the potential of improving agricultural information delivery and farmers’ productivity. Most developing countries however lack both the resources and the expertise to build and maintain many data centres distributed around the country. These countries have to look for other ways to access Information and Communications Technology infrastructure and services. This research investigates whether cloud computing combined with mobile computing provides an efficient, effective, sustainable way of bridging this digital divide between developed and developing countries, delivering appropriate expertise to remote areas.

Paper Nr: 4

Cloud Service Mediation through Brokerage Service


Claudio Giovanoli

Abstract: As the cloud service market everywhere is rapidly growing, specially small and medium companies often are struggling by choosing the right service. Furthermore, already claiming the own requirements to such kind of service is a hurdle to use cloud services for SMEs. Thus, this research project copes with the issues of cloud requirement elicitation and the mapping of such requirements to the right service.

Paper Nr: 5

Trust Management for Vehicular Cloud Computing


Marcela Roxana Farcasescu

Abstract: A recent challenge has been raised in the cloud computing world: vehicular cloud computing. Vehiculars will start to use intensively the cloud computing, especially for entertaiment. In a few years all the infotaiment units from our vehicles will have the same operating systems as our tables and phones. All our day-to-day applications will be used also in our vehichles. Still, this confort brings several challenges regarding the privacy of the driver personal data and the vehicle geolocation. This is the reason why trust management represents the key factor for a secure adoption of cloud computing for vehicles.