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Partners and Supporters

SINTEF is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. We create value through knowledge generation, research and innovation, and develop technological solutions that are brought into practical use.

SINTEF is a broadly based, multidisciplinary research concern that possesses international top-level expertise in technology, medicine and the social sciences, and our aim is to become the most renowned contract research institution in Europe.

SINTEF is an independent, non-commercial organisation. The profits of our contract research projects are invested in new research, scientific equipment and competence development. In the course of the past five years, we have invested NOK 500 million of our own funds in laboratories and scientific equipment.

The SINTEF Group comprises the SINTEF Foundation, four limited companies and SINTEF Holding.

The mOSAIC project aims at designing and developing an innovative open-source API and platform that enables applications to be Cloud providers' neutral and to negotiate Cloud services as requested by their users.

Using the Cloud ontology and Semantic Engine, cloud applications' developers will be able to specify their services and resources requirements and communicate them to the platform via the innovative API.

The Cloud Agency will implement a multi-agent brokering mechanism that will search for services matching the applications' request, and possibly compose the requested service if no direct hit is found. mOSAIC will facilitate competition between Cloud providers, who, in return, will be able to reach customers they could not reach before.

mOSAIC is Funded by European Commission, DG Information Society & Media - Software & Service Architectures and Infrastructures Unit under Programme: FP7-ICT-2009-5 Objective ICT-2009.1.2.

PenTest Magazine is a monthly downloadable IT security mag, devoted exclusively to penetration testing. It features articles by penetration testing specialists and enthusiasts, experts in vulnerability assessment and management.

We cover all aspects of pen testing, from theory to practice, from methodologies and standards to tools and real-life solutions. Each magazine features a cover focus, and articles from our regular contributors, covering IT security news and up-to-date topics.Penetration Test Magazine aims at creating a community of common-minded individuals and enterprises to work for the evolution and improvement of IT security. Join our project, either by subscribing, or by contributing, to make the idea of safer IT environments true.