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EPS Program - Thursday May 21

09:00-09:15- Opening Session- Room MR.10

09:15-10:15- Panel: Connections in Horizon 2020 – Insights and Opportunities - Room MR.10

Markus Helfert, Dublin City University, Ireland

Filipa Duarte,Portuguese Framework Programme Promotion Office (GPPQ), Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), Portugal
Dana Petcu, West University of Timisoara, Romania
Dimiter Avresky, Int. Res. Inst. for Autonomic Network Computing –IRIANC, USA, Germany

10:15-18:15- Demos/Poster Display/Booths


Presenter: Usman Wajid

Presenter: Andreas Varesi

Presenter: Andreas Varesi

Title: Social running of household appliances
Presenter: Bruno Apolloni

Title: Secure and trustworthy service composition and runtime re-composition
Presenter: Francesco Malmignati

Title- Dynamic management of virtual infrastructures
Presenter: Miguel Caballer

Project Posters Display



Special Session European Project Space- Smart Grids and Green IT Systems

10:45- 12:05- Room MR.10

10:45-11:05- Mobincity Project- Alejandro Martínez
11:05-11:25- SMARTV2G Project- Alejandro Martínez
11:25-11:45- SMARTCAMPUS Project - Alvaro Oliveira
11:45-12:05- TELL ME Project- Manuel Nina


Special Session European Project Space- Web-based information systems and Cloud Computing

15:20- 16:20- Room MR.10

15:20-15:40- MODAClouds Project- Dana Petcu
15:40-16:00- ECO2CLOUDS- Usman Wajid
16:00-16:20- CLOUDSCALE- Rouven Krebs


Special Session European Project Space- Web-based information systems and Cloud Computing

16:45-17:50-Room MR.10

16:45-17:05- PANACEA- Dimiter Avresky
17:05-17:25- CLOUDFLOW- Antonio Collado
17:25-17:50- ASCETIC- David García Pérez


Special Session on ICT for Energy Efficiency in Human Smart Cities - IEEHSC – Session 1

14:15- 15:45- Room MR.03

Service Oriented development of Building Energy Management Systems: An Architecture Blueprint
Rodolfo Santos and Paulo Carreira

Analyses and Requirements Gathering of User Interfaces for Home Automated Systems
Akash Bhrat Manilal and Paulo Carreira

APOLLON: Using Living Lab Methodologies in the Cross-Border Context for Energy Efficiency Pilots
Manuel Nina, Pentti Launonen and Álvaro de Oliveira

Special Session on ICT for Energy Efficiency in Human Smart Cities - IEEHSC – Session 2

16:00- 17:15- Room MR.03

Participatory Design of Scenarios for Future Service Implementation. The Case of Smart Campus Project: ICT Based Services for Energy Efficiency
Daria Cantù

Energy discourses in Europe: Legitimation of EU energy efficiency policy
Niina Erkama and Sampo Tukiainen

GreenNet: A Centralized Hardware Resources Optimization Tool for Energy Conservation
Alice Lacorte, R-Jay Pagcaliwangan, Maureen Monique Ominga, Manuel Lara, Joramae Magpaye, Neil Christian Viana and Philip Mojares

Special Session on Multi-Clouds – MultiCloud- Session 1

16:45-18:25- Room MR.08

Multi-dimensional Resource Allocation for Data-intensive Large-scale Cloud Applications
Foued Jrad, Jie Tao, Ivona Brandic and Achim Streit

A Multi-Cloud Framework for Measuring and Describing Performance Aspects of Cloud Services Across Different Application Types
G. Kousiouris, G. Giammatteo, A. Evangelinou, N. Galante, E. Kevani, C. Stampoltas, A. Menychtas, A. Kopaneli, K. Ramasamy Balraj, D. Kyriazis, T. Varvarigou, P. Stuer and L. Orue-Echevarria Arrieta

Towards Bridging the Gap Between Scalability and Elasticity
Nicolas Ferry, Gunnar Brataas, Alessandro Rossini, Franck Chauvel and Arnor Solberg

EU Project SeaClouds - Adaptive Management of Service-based Applications Across Multiple Clouds
Antonio Brogi, Jose Carrasco, Javier Cubo, Francesco D'Andria, Ahmad Inrahim, Ernesto Pimentel and Jacopo Soldani

EPS Program - Saturday April 5

Special Session on Multi-Clouds – MultiCloud- Session 2

09:45-11:15- Room MR.08

Multi-cloud and Multi-data Stores - The Challenges Behind Heterogeneous Data Models
Marcos Aurélio Almeida da Silva and Andrey Sadovykhs

HS4MC - Hierarchical SLA-based Service Selection for Multi-Cloud Environments
Soodeh Farokhi, Foued Jrad, Ivona Brandic and Achim Streit

Cloudifying Applications with ARTIST - A Global Modernization Approach to Move Applications onto the Cloud
Leire Orue-Echevarria, Juncal Alonso, Hugo Brunelière, Andreas Menychtas, Philip Langer and Manuel Wimmer

Preliminary Design of a Platform-as-a-Service to Provide Security in Cloud
Valentina Casola, Alessandra De Benedictis, Massimiliano Rak and Umberto Villano