IDQ 2011 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 3

FROM QoD TO QoS - Data Quality Issues in Cloud Computing


Przemyslaw Pawluk, Marin Litoiu and Nick Cercone

Abstract: The concept of Quality of Data (QoD) has so far been neglected in the context of cloud computing. It was; however explored for the long time in the context of data exchange, data integration and information systems. Well established approaches like Total Data Quality Management, Data Warehouse Quality or Data Quality in Cooperative Information Systems have been proposed to calculate, store and maintain information about QoD. On the other hand concept of Quality of Service has been investigated in the context of Internet Systems, multimedia transmission and enterprise systems. It was also investigated in connection to cloud computing. The main goal of this work is to show direct connection between QoD and QoS. We show that assuring high QoD is necessary to achieve high QoS. We also identify major shortcomings of public cloud vendors in terms of provided configuration management data.