OCCLOSER 2018 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 1

A Global Architecture for Performance Optimization in Cloud Computing Environment


Awatif Ragmani, Amina El Omri, Noreddine Abghour, Khalid Moussaid and Mohamed Rida

Abstract: Cloud computing has been considered as an alternative for the development of high-performance computing services. The overall objective of this paper is the definition of processes and procedures to be applied for performance optimization in Cloud computing environment. The proposed solution aims to introduce a multi-objectives architecture which could help Cloud services providers to meet the increasingly complex requirements of users and the Cloud users to find the right solution regarding their needs. In other words, the proposed architecture must be robust against failures with a low executing time and financial cost. The global solution includes load balancing and scheduling strategies which aim to improve the energy efficiency, the response time and the total cost of the Cloud model. The performance analysis methodology adopted during this study has been inspired by the Taguchi concept. A final important dimension that we are interested in this thesis is the problem of resource allocation in the Cloud while maximizing the overall performance index by applying the concept of fuzzy logic.