08:15 Welcome Desk & Registration (08:15 - 09:00)
09:00 - 09:15 - Room Manhattan Opening Session
09:15 - 10:30 - Room Manhattan Panel
Technology, Architecture and Applications: Where are the challenges? Chair: Markus Helfert, Dublin City University, Ireland

Victor Chang, Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom
Chung-Sheng Li, IBM, United States
Bernd Amann, LIP6 - Pierre and Marie Curie University, France
10:30 Coffee-Break (10:30 - 10:45)
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Mediterranean 2 Parallel Session 1 - Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Platforms and Applications
  • 18: Secure Evidence Collection and Storage for Cloud Accountability Audits Thomas Ruebsamen, Tobias Pulls and Christoph Reich
  • 84: Using Cloud-Aware Provenance to Reproduce Scientific Workflow Execution on Cloud Khawar Hasham, Kamran Munir and Richard McClatchey
  • 88: Performance and Cost Evaluation for the Migration of a Scientific Workflow Infrastructure to the Cloud Santiago Goméz Sáez, Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Michael Hahn, Dimka Karastoyanova, Frank Leymann, Marigianna Skouradaki and Karolina Vukojevic-Haupt
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Mediterranean 3 Parallel Session 1 - Cloud Computing Fundamentals and Mobile Cloud Computing and Services
  • 43: The Case for Visualization as a Service - Mobile Cloud Gaming as an Example Abdelmounaam Rezgui and Zaki Malik
  • 79: Cloud-side Execution of Database Queries for Mobile Applications Robert Pettersen, Steffen Viken Valvåg, Åge Kvalnes and Dag Johansen
  • 123: Setting Priorities - A Heuristic Approach for Cloud Data Center Selection Ronny Hans, David Steffen, Ulrich Lampe, Björn Richerzhagen and Ralf Steinmetz
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Berlin A Parallel Session 1 - CLOSER - Cloud Computing Enabling Technology,Mobile Cloud Computing and Services and Cloud Computing Platforms and Applications
  • 14: Executing Bag of Distributed Tasks on Virtually Unlimited Cloud Resources Long Thai, Blesson Varghese and Adam Barker
  • 22: A Hedonic Price Index for Cloud Computing Services Persefoni Mitropoulou, Evangelia FIliopoulou, Stavroula Tsaroucha, Christos Michalakelis and Mara Nikolaidou
  • 109: MusicBeetle - Intelligent Music Royalties Collection and Distribution System Carlos Serrão, Hélder Carvalho and Nelson Carvalho
  • 124: Telco Clouds - Modelling and Simulation Jakub Krzywda, William Tärneberg, Per-Olov Östberg, Maria Kihl and Erik Elmroth
10:45 - 12:15 - Room Lisbon Parallel Session 1 - ESaaSA Workshop - ESaaSA
Keynote Lecture
Dr. Luís Veiga, INESC-ID, Portugal
  • 1: Quality of Service for Financial Modeling and Prediction as a Service Victor Chang and Muthu Ramachandran
  • 8: The Improved Cloud Computing Adoption Framework to Deliver Secure Services Muthu Ramachandran, Victor Chang and Chung-Sheng Li
12:15 - 13:15 - Room Manhattan Keynote Lecture At Scale Enterprise Computing Chung-Sheng Li, IBM, United States
13:15 Lunch (13:15 - 14:30)
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Mediterranean 2 Parallel Session 2 - Cloud Computing Enabling Technology, Cloud Computing Platforms and Applications
  • 95: ANY2API – Automated APIfication - Generating APIs for Executables to Ease their Integration and Orchestration for Cloud Application Deployment Automation Johannes Wettinger, Uwe Breitenbücher and Frank Leymann
  • 125: A Modelling Concept to Integrate Declarative and Imperative Cloud Application Provisioning Technologies Uwe Breitenbücher, Tobias Binz, Oliver Kopp, Frank Leymann and Johannes Wettinger
  • 65: Automating Resources Discovery for Multiple Data Stores Cloud Applications Rami Sellami, Michel Vedrine, Sami Bhiri and Bruno Defude
  • 119: Towards Self-Protective Multi-Cloud Applications - MUSA – a Holistic Framework to Support the Security-Intelligent Lifecycle Management of Multi-Cloud Applications Erkuden Rios, Eider Iturbe, Leire Orue-Echevarria, Massimiliano Rak and Valentina Casola
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Mediterranean 3 Parallel Session 2 - Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • 47: Cloud Provider Transparency - A View from Cloud Customers Daniela Cruzes and Martin Gilje Jaatun
  • 81: OCCI and TTCN-3 - Towards a Standardized Cloud Quality Assessment Framework Yongzheng Liang
  • 105: A Generalized Service Replication Process in Distributed Environments Hany F. El Yamany, Marwa F. Mohamed, Katarina Grolinger and Miriam A. M. Capretz
14:30 - 16:00 - Room Lisbon Parallel Session 2 - ESaaSA Workshop - ESaaSA
  • 4: Scalable QoE Prediction for Service Composition Natalia Kushik and Nina Yevtushenko
  • 6: Towards an Opportunistic, Socially-driven, Self-organizing, Cloud Networking Architecture with NovaGenesis Antonio M. Alberti, Waldir Moreira, Rodrigo da Rosa Righi, Francisco J. Pereira Neto, Ciprian Dobre and Dhananjay Singh
  • 13: Simulation as a Service - A Case Study of Provisioning Scientific Simulation Software via a Cloud Service Morgan Eldred, Alice Good and Carl Adams
16:00 Coffee-Break (16:00 - 16:45)
16:00 - 16:45 - Mediterranean 1 Posters Session 1
  • 10: An Approach in the Design of Common Authentication Solution for a Multi-Platform Cloud Environment Primož Cigoj, Borka Jerman Blažič and Tomaž Klobučar
  • 19: Business Process Generation by Leveraging Complete Search over a Space of Activities and Process Goals Dipankar Deb, Nabendu Chaki and Aditya Ghose
  • 29: A Comparative Study of Current Open-source Infrastructure as a Service Frameworks Theo Lynn, Graham Hunt, David Corcoran, John Morrison and Philip Healy
  • 30: “BPELanon” - Protect Business Processes on the Cloud Marigianna Skouradaki, Vincenzo Ferme, Frank Leymann, Cesare Pautasso and Dieter H. Roller
  • 39: Towards Cross-layer Monitoring of Cloud Workflows Eric Kübler and Mirjam Minor
  • 40: Cross-layer Service Adaptation - State-of-the-Art, Shortcoming Analysis, and Future Research Directions Ameni Meskini, Yehia Taher, Rafiqul Haque and Yahya Slimani
  • 45: CSP Formulation for Scheduling Independent Jobs in Cloud Computing M'hamed Mataoui, Faouzi Sebbak, Kadda Beghdad Bey and Farid Benhammadi
  • 117: Key Requirements for Predictive Analytical IT Service Management - Architectural Key Characteristics for a Cloud based Realization Christopher Schwarz, Hans-Peter Bauer, Lukas Blödorn and Erwin Zinser
16:45 - 17:45 - Room Manhattan Keynote Lecture Software- and Systems Architecture for Smart Vehicles Cornel Klein, Siemens AG, Germany
17:45 - 19:15 - Room Mediterranean 2 Parallel Session 3 - Cloud Computing Fundamentals, Cloud Computing Enabling Technology and Services Science Foundation for Cloud Computing
  • 31: Secure Keyword Search over Data Archives in the Cloud - Performance and Security Aspects of Searchable Encryption Christian Neuhaus, Frank Feinbube, Daniel Janusz and Andreas Polze
  • 16: P-TOSCA Portability of SOA Applications Marjan Gusev, Magdalena Kostoska, Sasko Ristov and Aleksandar Donevski
  • 25: Factors Affecting Cloud Adoption and Their Interrelations Radhika Garg and Burkhard Stiller
  • 58: Choreography-based Consolidation of Interacting Processes Having Activity-based Loops Sebastian Wagner, Oliver Kopp and Frank Leymann
17:45 - 19:15 - Room Lisbon Parallel Session 3 - ESaaSA Workshop - ESaaSA
  • 14: Disaggregated Architecture for at Scale Computing Chung-Sheng Li, Hubertus Franke, Colin Parris and Victor Chang
  • 3: On-demand Text Analytics and Metadata Management with S4 Marin Dimitrov, Alex Simov and Yavor Petkov
  • 5: Evaluation Metrics for VM Allocation Mechanisms in Desktop Clouds Abdulelah Alwabel, Robert Walters and Gary Wills
  • 7: Factors Influencing the Implementation of a Private Government Cloud in Saudi Arabia Amal Alkhlewi, Robert Walters and Gary Wills
19:15 Welcome Drink (19:15 - 19:45)