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High Quality Journal and Visionary Forum

The High Quality Journal and Visionary Forum provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present the objectives and outcomes with two routes. The first route is the accepted/published papers in any approved SCI Q1 journals or approved A-grade at the main conference of IoTBDS, COMPLEXIS, CLOSER and FEMIB 2019. The second route is the visionary talks. The proposed talks must be visionary, futuristic and proven with research contributions.

Route 1: Participants are invited to prepare a 20 minute oral/poster presentation of their journal paper at a special session.

Route 2: Participants are invited to prepare a 25 minute oral/poster presentation of their visionary talks. If more time is required, the applicant can apply two different topics. Evidence of research contributions should be provided.

The goal of this forum (minimum 4 participants; maximum 8) is to provide a focused discussion on innovative topics, provide a framework to editors discuss future directions for the accepted/published papers, to network with other researchers potentially interested in submitting a paper to these journals and increase the visibility and citations. Registration to IoTBDS, COMPLEXIS CLOSER and FEMIB 2019 conferences allows free access to the High Quality Journal and Visionary Forum (as a non-speaker).


The HQJV Forum is based on the following requirements and rules:
  • It is open only to participants who have accepted/published papers in high quality journals.
  • Each participant with an accepted/published paper at the aforementioned journals must register for the forum and attend IOTBDS, COMPLEXIS, CLOSER or FEMIB conference.
  • Participants that have already an accepted paper at the IOTBDS, COMPLEXIS, CLOSER or FEMIB conference can attend the HQJV Forum free of charge. All other participants have to register in the conference with at least a one-day pass for the day of the HQJV Forum is held.
  • Paper length: 2 pages including the summary of the HQJV Forum. Authors of the accepted papers should include any evidence of acceptance when they submit their interest to present.
  • Visionary talk delegates can present their work based on previous papers. They are not going for the competition.
  • Registered papers will be included in the Book of Abstracts. However, they will not be included in the book of proceedings as archival publications therefore they will remain free of copyright.
  • Authors of the approved list of top journals can also present and should ask for the secretariat and main chair for approval.
  • Authors of published papers should include links to download their papers; authors of accepted papers can provide some evidence that paper has been fully accepted.


A "Best HQJV Forum Paper Award" will be conferred to a route 1 participant of a paper presented at the HQJV Forum, selected by the board based on the combination of paper reviewing marks and the feedback of the HQJV Board. The award will be announced and bestowed at the conference closing session. The author of an awarded paper will be entitled to:
  • A signed and stamped official award certificate;
  • The announcement of their achievement on a special conference webpage;
  • A voucher for a free or reduced registration* in one event sponsored by INSTICC, valid during a 12 months period, including all conference materials (without the printed proceedings). This voucher is only available if the presenter attends the closing session and receives the award.


To apply for participation at the HQJV Forum, please submit with your abstract a copy of the paper acceptance notification from HQJV if the paper has been accepted but not yet published in Elsevier. All entries must be submitted through the online submission platform PRIMORIS (http://www.insticc.org/Primoris/Default.aspx).

After the submission has been successfully completed, authors will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail.


1. A 20 or a 25 minute presentation of their accepted/published papers in a journal to be used for introducing discussion about their objectives and outcomes.