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The purpose of workshops is to provide a more interactive and focused platform for presenting and discussing new and emerging ideas. The format of paper presentations may include oral presentations, poster presentations, keynote lectures and panels. Depending on the number of presentations, workshops can be scheduled for 1 day or 2 days. All accepted papers will be published in a special section of the conference proceedings book, under an ISBN reference, and on digital support. All papers presented at the conference venue will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library. SCITEPRESS is a member of CrossRef and every paper is given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The proceedings are submitted for indexation by DBLP, Web of Science / Conference Proceedings Citation Index, EI and SCOPUS.


DataDiversityConvergence 2016Workshop on Towards Convergence of Big Data, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, Data streaming/CEP, OLTP and OLAP
Chair(s): Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, Marta Patiño-Martinez, Patrick Valduriez and Theodora Varvarigou

Workshop on
Towards Convergence of Big Data, SQL, NoSQL, NewSQL, Data streaming/CEP, OLTP and OLAP
 - DataDiversityConvergence 2016


Ricardo Jimenez-Peris
Marta Patiño-Martinez
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Patrick Valduriez
Zenith, INRIA - Sophia Antipolis Méditeranné
Theodora Varvarigou
National Technical University of Athens

The advent of many new paradigms to manage data such as NoSQL, NewSQL, CEP and its co-existence with former paradigms such as OLTP and OLAP SQL databases has resulted in a new technological world that has been termed Polyglot Persistence by Martin Fowler in his bestseller “NoSQL distilled”. There are many open research challenges in this world in which many different data stores coexist and even ecosystems and architectures based on multiple data stores, such as the lambda architecture.